About Inspection Service.

Richforth Limited is a sourcing center which customizes all kinds of products for the small and medium-sized businesses, providing customers with convenient and first-rated service via Internet-marketing.
With the richer and richer experience of exporting business, our quality control department has been growing stronger and stronger.
Now, our quality control department can be an independent third party, providing you with the inspection service to make sure the goods can be up to your requirements so that secures your payment.


Richforth has a sound inspection network covering coastal areas of China. All of our full time inspectors are well trained, reliable and experienced in inspection. Meanwhile, with rich experience in factory-stationed quality control, we definitely understand what the buyers really care about and worry about.
What's more, as an expert in inspection service, our service range from apparel, beauty care, promotional gift and premiums, fashion accessories, furniture, household products, bags, shoes, sports bags, tools and toys etc..

Reasonable Price

US$ 180 per man-day is all inclusive (covers hotel fee, traffic ticket, meal fee, telephone rate). Our service covers most cities across China;


Your inquiry will be responded quickly. In the process of inspecting, we are not only looking for the quality problems for you but also settle poor quality in the factory. Besides, an official inspection report will be sent to you within 12 hours after inspection and double review.